Ukraine war: Mass exhumations at Izyum forest graves site

In a pine forest on the outskirts of Izyum, the stench of death filled the air as a mass exhumation took place. The earth reveals its secrets. Ukrainian officials believe war crimes were committed that they are keen to document. .About 100 Ukrainian rescue workers, dressed in blue plastic sheets, dug into the ground and opened makeshift graves. They are trying to determine the cause of death of hundreds of people buried in a forest on the outskirts of the city who were recently released in
by advancing Ukrainian forces.

Izyum, captured in April, was used by Russia as a major military center to supply its forces from the east. The exhumation was mostly done in silence under the eyes of police and prosecutors. An officer covered his head with his hands. Another went away. Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor Olexander Ilyenkov says there is no doubt that war crimes were committed here.

“In the first grave lies a civilian woman with a rope around her neck. So we see the marks of torture,” he told the BBC. He said that almost everyone died because of the Russian soldiers. “Some of them were killed, some of them were tortured, some of them were killed due to Russian Federation air and artillery strikes.

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